02 February 2008

Super Bowl XLII Preview: Once More into the Fray

MKD1226 has an excellent preview - you should really read it, if you haven't already. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Giants/Patriots. Sigh. Does someone really have to win? Yes?

I am going to continue my season-long insanity and pick AGAINST the Patriots. Yes, you read that right. I'm picking the 12 point underdog. disliked-division-rival Giants over the undefeated, Best Team Ever In the History of All Teams Playing Any Sport Patriots. I was at a professional conference this week and got chatting over lunch one day with a fellow football fan (and Giants supporter) named Roger. Roger is rooting for the Giants but still thinks the Pats will win. I floated the idea that I'd pick the Giants, basically going against every single member of the football watching public in the entire world. He pointed out that I have nothing to lose (well, literally, since I may be picking the Giants, but I'm not putting money on them - I'm not CRAZY), and if by some miracle the Giants do pull off the upset win, I'll look like a genius. So Giants it is. Also, they played the best game of any team but, well, us, during the entire 2007 season. At a bare minimum, they'll beat the spread, because 12 points is ridonkulous.

On a serious note, this week's WaPo Sunday supplement magazine has a great story, Broken Glory, about the serious disabilities and financial problems now faced by many former NFL stars. Read it, and if you have a few spare bucks, think about contributing them to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. As we all prepare for the annual Super Bowl extravaganza, it's important not to forget about the men who, in many cases, sacrificed their health and physical well-being so we could enjoy the sport.

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