27 September 2007

2007 Week 4 Picks

So I'm watching SportsCenter the other morning (and could baseball season please just hurry up and get over with so SportsCenter can concentrate on the IMPORTANT sport? That is all.), and I think it was Berman who mentioned that part of our decimating of the Lions could be attributable to the fact that the coaches decided to hold back an extra blocker for Big 5. Hmmm. Let's think about this. Our FRANCHISE QB is coming back about 3 months early from an ACL tear (which used to be a career-ending injury), and ONLY NOW, in WEEK 3, did it occur to anyone that HE COULD USE A LITTLE EXTRA PROTECTION?!?!? Aren't these guys supposed to be smarter than this? Sheesh.

Anyway, on to the picks:

Eagles/Giants: Eagles, of course. But I'm anticipating lots of the typical divisional game wacky highjinks. Plus, we gotta keep the Giants at the bottom of the division. I'd like to see the Cowboys there, of course, but one can't have everything. Oh, and someone get Plaxico's whiny ass a box of tissues, because he'll need them once Dawk gets done with him (assuming he's able to play. Otherwise, the task of making Plax cry will fall to Sheldon Brown).

Texans/Falcons: Can you believe it? I can't either - the Texans are actually an OK team. And the Falcons, well, are not. Texans.

Ravens/Browns: Derek Anderson seems like he might - might - be the real deal (or at least real enough to keep Brady's spot warm for him), and the Ravens are hurting, but the Browns aren't real enough to overcome a still mighty fine Ravens defense. Ravens.

Raiders/Dolphins: Worst Game of the Week

Bears/Lions: Rex is out, Brian's in, the Lions are hot, and potentially looking to make someone pay for last week's humiliation at our hands. I can't believe I'm doing this, but....Lions, God love 'em.

Jets/Bills: How many sports teams does New York have, anyway? Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Giants, Jets, Bills, Rangers - did I miss any? Wait, what was I saying? Oh, right, picks. Eh, who cares? Jets.

Packers/Vikings: Packers. Talk about hot.

Rams/Cowboys: Oof. This is gonna get ugly. Guess? We'll see Brad Johnson come in. Before the end of the half. Cowboys.

Seahawks/49ers: I gotta call my boys, the 49ers (since I picked them to win the division and all). But the NFC West is so crazy this year, anything could happen. Except the Rams beating the Cowboys, of course.

Bucs/Panthers: Bucs. You know, the last 4 years have seen 4 different divisional winners in NFC South. Might be the Bucs' turn coming around again.

Chiefs/Chargers: Witness the power of Norv Turner! You know, it's still pretty early, but the Broncos are the only AFC West team above .500. That ain't good. I can't believe I'm doing this either but...Chiefs. Good luck, Herm!

Broncos/Colts: Speaking of the Broncos, they will drop to .500 this week with a loss to the Colts.

Steelers/Cardinals: They're playing in Arizona. Think it's even worthwhile for Big Ben to get on the plane? I mean, it's not like they need him to beat the Cardinals. Steelers.

Patriots/Bengals: Funny, but this actually looked like it might be a good game at the beginning of the season. Actually, it still could be if it turns into a shootout. Which is possible, but unlikely. The Pats' D is too strong. Since the Bengals defense is non-existent, though, Randy Moss will probably score 38 points all by himself. In the first quarter. Patriots.

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