24 September 2007

2007 Week 3 Recap

Eagles v. Lions, Sunday, September 23, 2007

In attendance: Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom, You-Two-Calm-Down-Or-I’m-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad, Chef Spouse, Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead, Steelers Transplant

Menu: Homemade guac, crudities and tortilla chips (ExNC), Indian snacks (Shoegal), Popeye’s Chicken (which, according to Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom, is the official chicken of the Philadelphia Eagles), pizelles (also courtesy of Shoegal), Swetzel’s spice cookies (Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom). Ok, it was pretty random, but Chef Spouse and I were both out of town last week!

OK, that was frappin’ CRAZY. 42 points in the first half? A 100/100 day for Westy? 3 TDs each for Kevin Curtis AND Brian Westbrook? First pro TD for Tony Hunt? Nearly 1000 total yards of offense (both teams, of course)? The most points scored in over 50 years? 9 sacks, 3 by Trent Cole alone? That was some wild shit. Guess that knee brace was not helping Big D.

Actually, that’s an interesting point – I’m trying to remember who it was, and I think it was Berman on ESPN (who’s a bigger Philly homer than me), that pointed to Carson Palmer’s progress from his ACL injury during the 2005 season playoffs as a likely barometer of McNabb’s recovery trajectory. Sure enough, when CPalm came back mid-season, he was pretty rusty for a few games, and then things really took off for him. Looks like DMac might be following a similar path. Yeah, it was a win against the perennially sad-sack Lions, but still, a win’s a win. And this was a big one. Also, Lions? You might have wanted to think about assigning someone to cover Kevin Curtis after the first TD. You definitely should have thought about assigning someone to cover Kevin Curtis after the second TD. By the third, you know Rod Marinelli’s standing over on the sidelines thinking, "Kevin Curtis AGAIN? I hate that guy!”

Also, I actually liked the throwbacks. I think yellow and powder blue are a visually arresting combination (see previous posts for my abiding love of the Chargers’ throwbacks). It was weird to see our boys NOT in green, but I don’t agree with the nearly-universal condemnation of the throwbacks.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Speaking of the Chargers, told ya so. What is up with the Packers? Who knows, but I’m starting to think that my pick of the Bears for NFC North may be, um, NOT. Particularly after that sorry showing against the Cowboys last night.

A list of the teams that, in week 3, were able to stay in it for the first half on the strength of their defense, until the D got completely worn out in the second half by the fact that their offense kept going 3 and out, started giving up big plays, and the game went in the toilet:
  • Bears losing to the Cowboys (which was always iffy – and they got Bad Rex, and once that happened, well, to quote Ex-Navy Cheesehead, "Good night, the party’s over!”)
  • Redskins losing to the Giants (I’m frankly stunned by this one – the Skins looked DOMINANT in the first half. What happened? Other, of course, than fourth quarter play-calling whose level of bizarre-ness nearly matched what the Eagles experience when AR’s allowed to run our offense unchecked.)
A list of teams that pulled out close wins that should have been blowouts:
  • Ravens over Cardinals (who did cheat by calling up Kurt Warner, and it almost won them the game, much to the shock of the entire football watching world)
  • Colts over Texans (did you see that kee-razy flip TD by Joseph Addai? Are the Colts not as dominant as everyone says they are? One can only hope...)
  • Panthers over Falcons (who at least have a QB now in Byron Leftwich, but they’re going to have to COMPLETELY reorient their offense, so that could take at least a few weeks)
Games that were never in question:
  • Patriots over Bills (sadly, the Pats are as dominant as everyone says. Damn.)
  • Steelers over 49ers (Yay, Steelers! Yay, Pennsylvania!)
  • Bucs over Rams (go, Philadelphia expats!)
Games where, already, no one cares:
  • Chiefs over Vikings
  • Raiders over Browns (although the Raiders did manage to snap a losing streak that dated back to October 2006, so good on them!)
  • Jets over Dolphins – meh. Given the already-insane level of dominance the Patriots are demonstrating in AFC East, will it really matter?
  • Seahawks over Bengals. Huhn. That’s weird.
  • Jaguars over Broncos. As I expected. I got nothin'.
And the Titans/Saints game is, mid-way through the third quarter, a lot closer than I’d anticipated, even though the Saints had an offensively weak (in both senses of the word "offensive”) first half. But they seem to be pulling it together now, I hope, so Geaux Saints!

Who's spending too much time reading their own press clippings? Devin Hester, possibly the Saints.

Chad Johnson TD watch, week 3: no TD this week, unfortunately. So whatever he had planned will have to wait.

PS to Dawk - nice turn as the World's Most Intimidating Waterboy, homes!

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