20 August 2007

NFL Network, Why Do You Torture Me?

Thanks to the vagaries of the NFL Network, I will not see - nor be able to recap - our trouncing of the Panthers (hey there, Mr. North Carolina!) until tomorrow. Well, it's not ENTIRELY the NFL Network's fault - Chef Spouse and I were on Wealthy Entrepreneur's boat, the All Tide Up, for the weekend and so were beyond the reach of TV on Friday night. You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad and Cowboys Homegirl (we have to forgive her, she knows not what she does) were keeping me up to date on the score via the miracle of text messaging. But I still haven't seen Big D in action for myself. Although I hear it was good. And there was certainly much rejoicing. Particularly Chez Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom.

Actually, I'm here to write about two other things:
  1. Eagles BloggerCon2007: You will be at Chickie & Pete's Packer Avenue on September 9, bon't you? You know you want to meet Chef Spouse and Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom in person. Don't even try to deny it.
  2. Mike/Michael/Mike Vick admitted it. Huhn. I really didn't see that coming. As New Boss (aka My Savior) pointed out over lunch on a recent business trip to Chi-town, he seems arrogant enough that he'd be willing to take his chances in court. Of course, the feds did get everyone else involved to sell him down the river, so he might've realized that Pickett had a better shot than he does. But ESPN's been providing non-stop Vick reportage all afternoon, to the tune of: "Vick's going to plead guilty. In other news, the NFL and the Falcons ain't saying nothin'." How they could stretch that into 6 solid hours of talking is beyond me, but hey, there are about a million cable news networks making 24 hour a day coverage out of less. Vick has always struck me as being right on the edge of losing it - a guy with a bad attitude and poor impulse control, who's received no guidance from the team owner, the coaching staff, or his fellow players. Wouldn't he feel more comfortable in the NBA? There's a lot of hot air blowing about what's going to happen, but personally I think Vick's done in the NFL. What a waste.

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