25 August 2006

Post game wrap

What did I love?

JR Reed - dude gets totaled and still comes back and burns it up with an INT and some mega-hits.

Buckhalter - my fingers are crossed that there's some goodness to be had there.

Reggie Brown - some nice catches, there, my friend.

D-Mac - smiling, laughing, being his typical and much-missed last season goofball self. WHEW.

Darren Howard - got some good penetration and an early sack

Dawk - a beast of course. And a nice INT.

Garcia - aired it out some and succesfully. He wants that #2 so bad, *I* can taste it.

Akers - it's a "cannon" when it's D-Mac's arm. What is it when it's a leg? A howitzer?

And what was up with that stupid "taunting" call on Greg Lewis? Dude, he tossed the football over his shoulder. What? He's supposed to call UPS?

So among our remaining cipher players, I suspect Mahe's in, Detmer's out, Pinkston's...well, I'm not sure. It's not like he was a factor at all. JR Reed's in, and I'll bet Ryan Moats and Bruce Perry are, too, just given the way AR likes to put the team together over time. But I wouldn't put money on any of this.

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