17 October 2005

2005 Week 6 Recap

Bye Week October 16, 2005

Bye week. Just in time. WHEW! Don't want to be seeing a repeat of last week any time soon. And everyone will get a little time to heal up and think about what he's done wrong. No Gameboy for a week, Mister, and Internet use only for your homework! After the abysmal performance against the Cowboys, one does have to wonder why AR decided to give everyone a week's vacation. Maybe he couldn't stand to look at them after that mess at Texas Stadium. Or he needed time to locate and travel to a voodooienne to get the curse the team seems to be operating under lifted.

It's been interesting to read all the "What's wrong with the Eagles?" coverage this week. One of the stupidest theories, propounded by a Philly sports writer whose name has been withheld to protect the morons, was that McNabb's afraid to throw into coverage because he doesn't want to risk his stellar interception percentage. I'm going to go with he won't throw into coverage because he's pretty damn sure his receivers aren't going to exert themselves to come down with the catch given their recent performance. Ocham's Razor and all that.

So anyway, I was able to enjoy the games in peace, comfort, homemade pizza, and root beer floats. How very 10 years old! And can I just say how much I'm enjoying Spouse’s new hobby: kicking Bobby Flay's culinary a**? (I know - everybody hates The Flay, so he probably has to get at the end of a VERY long line.)

Lots of heartbreaker games this week - and a LOT of sloppy playing. I chose the Cowboys/Giants game at 1 pm because they're both in my conference and it was likely to be a good game. It was definitely an exciting game, but "good" game would be stretching it. TONS of turnovers on both sides. Now admittedly, it was over 100 degrees on the field, but NO ONE could hang on the ball. Or concentrate. Or even pay attention. It was sad. Great plays on both sides - Shockey's tying TD with under a minute to go, Cortez' game winning 45-yard field goal - and terrible mistakes - Bledsoe's two fumbles, the Giants fumble on the Dallas 1 yard line that cost them a TD (and ultimately, the game), a critical pass interference call in OT against the Giants that set up the winning FG. Sloppy, sloppy game on both sides. This does give me confidence that, assuming we can get our stuff together, we maintain our chokehold on the NFC East.

The Falcons beat the Saints on a bad call and a last minute field goal. The Jaguars beat the embattled, Roethlisberger-less, Ward-less Steelers in OT. "Yeah, they were missing their starting QB and number-one receiver, but we kicked their asses (by one OT TD)! Woo-hoo!" The much-improved Redskins lost a tough game to the Chiefs, largely due to their own mistakes and turnovers. That game also featured a truly beautiful short catch and long run by the Chiefs' Priest Holmes that ended with him tap-dancing down the sideline into the end zone. Run, do not walk, to the nearest TV to see if they're still playing it on Sports Center.

The Pats/Broncos game was a nail-biter too. In the first half, the Pats looked, well, like the Eagles did last week. The Broncos totally had their number. It was like that scene in The Waterboy during the Bourbon Bowl where Brent Musberger and Dan Patrick comment that it's like Coach Red Beaulieu is in the huddle with the Muddogs as the camera pans to, sure enough, Red Beaulieu reading a copy of the Idiot's Guide to Coaching College Football and giggling. But Belichick must have given the Patriots one hell of a pep talk at the half - or threatened to trade a bunch of guys to the Texans - and they fought hard and got close, but couldn't quite pull off the win, due in part to a totally blown final possession with about 5 minutes left on the clock that burned time but got nowhere. Of course, the Pats may not care because the good news is that Tedy Bruschi has been cleared by every doctor in the world, including Dr. Spock, Dr. Who, and Dr. Feelgood, to resume play. Meanwhile, Jake Plummer's theory of not cutting his beard seems to be working. I thought it was baseball players who were supposed to be superstitious. The loss puts the Pats at a surprising .500 a little over 1/3 of the way into the season. The late game was Seahawks/Texans. Are the Texans even a real team, or is this just an elaborate practical joke?

I foolishly went to bed at half time Monday night, thus missing the Colts amazing comeback. Down 17-0 at the end of the first, with a Rams offense that seemed to be steamrolling their defenders and their own offense unable to get anything going, the Colts managed to turn it around, in part due to a poor call on possession of a fumble that set up their first touchdown and really seemed to swing the momentum of the game. At the half, the Rams were still up by 6 and seemed to be getting their mojo back after the disappointingly bad call. Or not. Colts completely dominated the second half, racking up 31 points to the Rams 8. Ouch.

Finally, I can't let week 6 go by without commenting on the Vikings "love boat" scandal. Now clearly the beleaguered Vikings were trying to console themselves over the loss of Randy Moss and the subsequent complete Daunte Culpepper meltdown. But I'm not sure booze, coke, and hookers were the best way to soothe their troubled souls. Couldn't they have adopted a team puppy or something? Puppies make much better pets than hookers, particularly once they're house broken (since you never can really house break the hookers), and they're much less likely to get you in trouble with Paul Tagliabue. Unless of course the puppy pees on his shoes.

And I would be remiss were I not to congratulate the Chicago White Sox on their first pennant since 1959. Go Sox!

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